• Power Cable

    Type: RVV、VVR、VVRP          

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    Power transmission for elevator and escalator.

    Technical Data

    Conductor material : IEC 60228 class 5 

    Insulation material: PVC/D IEC 60227-1    

    Halogen free low smoke flame retardant property comply with IEC61034-2                                        

    comply with IEC60754-2

    comply with IEC 60332-3 category B or C   


    Jacket material: PVC/ST5 IEC 60227-1  

    Option:mouse proof termite proof property.

    Life time(Running times) :3Million times          


    Rated Volatage:This product is fit for the rated voltage 0.6/1KV and below.   

    Work Temperature     

    The Max.Conductor temperature is 70℃.     

    The operating temperature of PVC cable is-15 to 70℃    

    The operating temperature of LSOH cable is-40 to 70℃       

    Shielding material: Copper braid shielded、Aluminum shielded