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  • USB Type C

    USB 2.0/3.0/3.1 Type-C Cable  

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    USB Type- C cable,connect to data, video and power through various connecting interfaces.

    Applicated in electronic prodcuts includes computer and laptop, keyboard/mouse, game controller,game interface printer/ scanner, digital audio,modem, portable storage devices, mobile and GPS devices. 

    Type C is designed to establish future USB performance need, especially USB 3.1 could reach 10Gpbs super speed.



  • Reversible plug orientation and cable direction

  • Smaller, thinner and lighter form-factors, connector size is 8.3×2.5 mm,similar size as USB 2.0 Mirco-B

  • Max Data transmission speed is 10 Gbit per seconde(Based on USB3.1 standard)

  •         Support 10 thousand Plug-in and Plug-out

  • 3A Current, Support Power Delivery, max supply power could be 100W.

  • Main Parameters

    Transfer Speed

    USB 2.0480Mbps ;USB 3.05Gbps  ;USB3.1: 10Gbps

    Transfer Current

    USB 2.01-3A ;USB 3.01-3A ;USB3.1: 3-5A

    Peak Voltage/Power

    USB 2.09V/27W ;USB 3.012V/36W ;USB3.1: 20V/100W